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My Heart is Here: An Illustrative Tribute to the Mile End

In 2007, Melanie Lambrick moved from Vancouver Island to Montreal and landed in the Mile End. Her heart hasn’t left since. From its rusty sculpture garden and wild loft parties to its fancy cafes and artisanal everything, this neighbourhood has forever marked her creative path.

As a tribute to the Mile End, Melanie began a “painting a day” project in March 2015 with the goal of creating 15 or more illustrations that depict the weird, wonderful and sometimes wayward character of the area. The fast and furious nature of this series reflects the rapid pace of change that the neighbourhood itself is experiencing. While some paintings portray iconic Mile End landmarks, others offer a glimpse into the highly personal experience of the artist as a longtime resident. The entire series is a light-hearted labour of love, dedicated to sharing the delight and devotion that comes from identifying with a place and calling it home.

Melanie Lambrick is an illustrator who also enjoys photographing and abstract painting. Her work blends modern art principles, folk art sensibilities and contemporary art commentary to create a refreshing and relevant visual perspective on everyday life. Melanie has a bachelor’s degree in visual art and political science from the University of Victoria and a Master’s degree in urban planning from McGill University. She also has post-graduate training in journalism from Concordia University.