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The Goodnight Bird

February 24 to March 22, 2015


Accueil Bonneau

Accueil Bonneau is proud and delighted to join forces with Centaur Theatre for the benefit of the artistic and cultural cause.

Year round, Accueil Bonneau provides an average of 800 meals a day served in our dining room with the help of many volunteers. Social workers are also present and available to help make connections and start relationships with our “guys”. As well, if our guys are willing, social workers are prepared to accompany them in their quest towards living a better life.

Art and music
Accueil Bonneau’s art and music studio started about four years ago. It has been a tremendous success. What cannot be expressed in words can sometimes be conveyed through music and painting. The studio at Accueil Bonneau is a meeting place for artists who wish to freely express their creativity. Guidance and support are provided for jam sessions, painting workshops, etc. Artistic creation in all its forms is often the only way to establish contact with the most marginalized street-people and those who are inclined not to benefit from our Social Services.

To help a person, a “guy” get-off the street, takes two simple ingredients: a warm welcome without prejudice and a genuine trust. These two ingredients are the main values of Accueil Bonneau. Our commitment to practising these values on a daily basis helps to build a relationship of the trust with our guys. Sometimes it happens that our guys are unable to express with words the pain they may be experiencing. At this point, art can be a means to heal their pain.
–Aubin Boudreau