January 3 - 12, 2014

The hottest two weeks in winter.

Centaur rolls out the red carpet for the best and up-and-coming indie theatre artists, including the jury-selected winner of the Best English language Production of the 2013 Montreal Fringe: Little Orange Man.

Feast-your-Eyes at the Wildside Festival

The inaugural Wildside Festival Art Exhibition is a ‘first-come, first-exhibited’ kind-of-art-display for emerging artists. We’ve thrown out the traditional gallery selection process and invited young Montreal artists to show up with one of their works on a single day and we displayed everything until there was no more room.


A play-date with Destiny


CREATED BY: Kathleen Greenfield & Ingrid Hansen
FEATURING: Ingrid Hansen

The audience arrives to find that they have all signed up via craigslist to be guinea pigs in a Danish girl's dream experiment. What emerges through the fast-paced physical humour are the honest efforts of an outcast child who entrusts a group of strangers to help fight her darkest battle. Shadow puppetry, music, and dark Danish fables.


Winner of Centaur’s Best English-language production Montreal Fringe Festival


Outstanding Overall Production – Ottawa Fringe 2012

Pick‐of‐the-Fringe – Vancouver Fringe 2011

It made me laugh uncontrollably, it made me cry. Truly a MUST-SEE – Bloodyunderrated

I wish people could be this nuts in real life without being institutionalized – The Marble

Remarkable feats of puppetry - CBC

WINNER: Vancouver Playhouse Award 2011


or, This Is Not The Play We’ve Written


CREATED BY: Anthony Johnston, Nathan Schwartz and Anita Rochon
FEATURING: Anthony Johnston and Nathan Schwartz

How many times can you say 'pull my finger' before it's ripped off and eaten?

Canadian premiere! In 2004, Anthony Johnston and Nathan Schwartz wrote a prank letter to a fundamentalist “ex-gay” group asking for funds to produce their play Never Cry Wolfman. To their surprise, the letter was answered and they were invited to workshop the show at the organization’s retreat in rural British Columbia - under the condition they also spend two weeks participating in gay conversion therapy. Years later, the friends reunite to tell their story as a piece of theatre.



Uniquely, wonderfully live - nytheatre.com

Dazzling raucous spectacle to quietly disturbing intimacy - BUST Magazine

A LAUGH-TASTIC HUMOURIFFIC GUFFAWFEST!!!! “My sides are still hurting!” (Fringe Buzz)


How did you lose yours?


 PRESENTED BY: Epic Tale Theatre
WRITTEN BY: Step Taylor and Jesse Stong
DIRECTED BY: Dean Patrick Fleming
FEATURING Marcel Jeannin, Amanda Kellock, Mike Payette, Anana Rydvald
DESIGNER Ana Cappelluto

A collection of honest, preachy-free confessions about virginity and sexuality. Four actors use the power of mask to transform into 20+ characters (aged 15 -70) whose stories take us from British Columbia to Newfoundland, gay to straight to bisexual to transsexual, innocent to cruel, underwhelming to glorious, heartbreakingly raw to side-splittingly funny. Mature themes.

An unflinching, entertaining, and provocative investigation of what virginity means, V-Cards challenges our view of a very intimate and personal topic with compassion, humour and insight.  Their choice to use masks is inspiring, and the effect is gorgeous; the humour is lifted, the intimacy deepened.  Beautiful 
– Brian Drader, Director of Playwriting, National Theatre School


Money. Mortgages. Murder.


PRESENTED BY Why Not Theatre
WRITTEN BY Nicolas Billon
FEATURING Christine Horne, Kawa Ada and Claire Calnan

Set against the backdrop of the banking crisis, a confrontation between a real estate agent and a tenant takes an unexpected turn. Winner of the 2013 Governor General’s Award for Drama (as part of Fault Lines by Nicolas Billon), NOW Magazine Audience Choice Award and the Best New Play Award at the 2012 SummerWorks Festival. Mature language.


Iceland is a beautifully structured and extremely powerful play that haunts the mind. Billon is an original and exciting voice - Atom Egoyan

A detailed and cleverly written script, performed and directed with real verve. This is an Iceland with lots of fire - Robert Crew, Toronto Star - 4/4 stars

Iceland is ‘the perfect volcano’. It has exceptional writing, directing, acting and venue. [Iceland] is so good that the acclaim seems understated - George Perry, Mooney on Theatre


Life's no piece of cake


PRESENTED BY: Sermo Scomber Theatre
Written, Composed and Directed by Sarah Segal-Lazar
Featuring Jonah Carson, Sarah Segal-Lazar and the Talk Family Band

You are cordially invited to the birthday party of Leslie Moira Duncanaine. But something is off. Welcome to a world of lethal lipstick and midnight moonshine where portraits of ancestors bicker when they aren't singing or playing cards. No presents required, just your presence. RSVP: (514) 288-3161

 Unlike anything else I’ve ever experienced… Sarah Segal-Lazar is simply mesmerizing - Bloody Underrated

Writer and director Sarah Segal-Lazar is one to watch. And damn, can she sing! - CultMTL

Nominated for 4 Montreal Fringe awards including Best Production Design and Best English Theatre Production.

Big Shot

Slow motion theatre to pry the wide eyes open


PRESENTED BY: Surreal SoReal Theatre
WRITTEN BY Jon Lachlan Stewart
DIRECTED BY Georgina Beaty
FEATURING Jon Lachlan Stewart

A shooting occurs on the Vancouver SkyTrain and a 12-year-old witness is here to recount it to you. Big Shot breaks down six different perspectives on the split second of time between a bullet leaving a gun and hitting its target. A thrilling ride through the Hollywood landscape of glorified violence and slow-motion death sequences. Told through dance, text and physical theatre. WARNING: Strong language.


Gripping…one scene is performed entirely in Japanese; thanks to his talent, what’s happening remains crystal clear. Go see this - Uptown Magazine

You literally cannot take your eyes off him…words fail me - Vue Weekly Edmonton

Action-packed…exciting…we realize every motion is part of a puzzle in the final, indelible image - Winnipeg Free Press

Blue Box

Starring award-winning actor & playwright Carmen Aguirre


PRESENTED BY: Nightswimming Theatre in association with Neworld Theatre
Written by Carmen Aguirre
Directed by Brian Quirt
Featuring Carmen Aguirre

Blue Box investigates Carmen Aguirre’s remarkable life as an underground revolutionary in Chile. It’s a story of terror, romance and abandon that takes us from the dangerous mountain passes of Chile to the perilous roller coasters of Hollywood; from an ardent love affair with a TV star, to a passionate love for a revolution that strove to change an entire nation. Blue Box contains mature content and strong language. 


Carmen Aguirre's recent memoir, Something Fierce, won the 2012 CBC Canada Reads competition.

Aguirre is a hot tamale: passionate, at times very poetic, blunt and outspoken – Mondo Magazine

A hot monologue simmering with romance and politics - Dan Archer, Vancouver Weekly

Carmen is a fantastically engaging storyteller, more than a little because her stories are pretty goddamn awesome - Kevin Reid, Visitorium Ottawa